Supervisor account

As a supervisor, you have an access to:

  • Educational materials in e-WAALS platform
  • Progress and grades of your subordinated users
  • Forum

 As a supervisor, you do not have an access to:

  • Tests
  • Diploma

How to activate your sub-licences

You have included a Supervisor Licence in your order. Here is how to activate your Supervisor account and other purchased licences:

  1. After logging into your account, go to Supervisor > Users & Codes in the left navigation field.
  2. Within the Your Codes section, you can manage all purchased license codes and invite users to start using e-Waals.
  3. To invite a user, simply enter their email address into the invitation field.
  4. The user will receive your invitation and create an account.
  5. Once the user accepts your invitation you can track their progress in the Your Codes section. 
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